Foil Sculptures

As part of our ‘Olympics’ topic, Year 6 sketched designs of Olympic athletes. We thought carefully about the proportion of body parts e.g how large a head is compared to the torso. Following this lesson, we created foil sculptures of athletes. Can you tell what sort of athlete the children sculpted in these photos?

Circle Time

Aman received our first ever ‘Magic Carpet’ moment during circle time this week. We all discussed our favourite things about Aman such as his kindness, fun personality and his ‘positive’ energy’. Comment on the post to say what your favourite part of circle time was.

Trip to RAF Cosford

Year 6 visited RAF Cosford this week. It was a fascinating trip and we looked at many planes that would have been used during WW2. During the ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ workshop, we learnt about how it felt to live in Britain during WW2.

Please enjoy our pictures below and comment on the blog 6EA to answer these questions:

Were people able to eat whatever they wanted during WW2?

Where did people shelter during air raids? What were the different names for these shelters and describe how they worked.

How did people know if an air raid was about to happen?

What precaution did people take during an air raid?

Stone Age Day

Year 6 had a great start to the day! Our interactive workshop taught us about the different stages in the evolution of man plus information about how people in the Stone Age hunted food.

Science Investigation

In 6EA we explored the question ‘How does the temperature of water affect yeast?’. Here are some photos of us testing different temperatures of water to observe the release of carbon dioxide. Comment on this post to discuss whether your predictions were accurate and what you have learnt from our investigation.