Welcome Back

Well done for your first week of settling back in. Here is a picture of our ‘Rights of the Child Antibullying Charter’. Comment below to remind me of a) a right that you have b) how you will respect that right for other children.

Ideas for Home Learning!

Hi 6EA!

Here are some ideas for learning at home.

Create a Survey: Create a survey of your families views on lock down. Perhaps you could call relatives and collect their views too. Make sure that you plan your questions first and stick to social distancing guidelines.


Sugar Sugar: Find out which foods and drinks in your house contain the most sugar by studying packaging and labels. Write your findings in a report to share with your household. Research recommendations for healthier choices.

Art Critics: Explore the Tate Gallery Kids website and watch the videos about different
art movements, such as Pop Art and Impressionism. Choose two different movements and write a detailed comparison of them. Include categories, such as the use of
colour, significant artists, common materials and tools, sources of inspiration and key dates.

6EA Celebration of Learning

Well done 6EA for submitting some excellent pieces this week. You should feel proud!


Pavan’s start to her pillow

Displaying 2 May 2020 at 3:58 pm.png

Muhammad’s information poster

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Laila’s jellyfish

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Ayaan’s jellyfish

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Kinza’s sketches

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There were so many pieces of great learning! Well done 🙂

Here are some ideas of things you can do involving nature!

Pressing patterns: Collect a range of petals, flowers, leaves and grasses. Ask an adult to help you use a non-steam iron to iron them flat between two sheets of grease proof paper. When cool, peel the paper back to remove the items. Use them to create stunning natural pictures, experimenting with pattern, shape and form.

Thank the bees: Find out about the different substances that bees produce – honey, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis. How do bees make them? How do humans use them? Make a list of everyday products in your home that contain these substances. Make a fact file using all of the information that you have found.

Eggcellent Eggsperiment

On Google Classroom, I set the task of the bouncy egg experiment, along with a few others. A member of 6EA shared results with me, take a look! As you can see, the egg did not bounce very well. We discussed whether it needed longer than 24 hours in the fridge. In Science, we experiment by changing independent variables (e.g time in the fridge) to see what works best.

Perhaps you could try this experiment too and discuss results on Google Classroom?

See experiment details here!

Feeling Arty?

Hi All!

How about attempting this arty challenge? It looks pretty cool! Send me a photo if you manage to create one 🙂

Miss Adams

P.S Have you checked out Google Classroom yet? All you need is your @robinhoodschool.co.uk login! Find Google Classroom by clicking on the top right hand corner of the Google screen that has 9 dots. Scroll down to the Google Classroom app. I have set lots of fun tasks and you can talk to your friends!  🙂