Anti Bullying – Odd Sock Day

We wore odd socks today as part of our Anti Bullying week. Comment below to explain why…

Thank you

Thank you for all of my lovely birthday cards, gifts and well wishes! You are a delightful bunch!

Well done Pavan, this is very clever! Thank you 🙂

Geography Fun!

Today we explored Birmingham and discovered the physical and human features of the amazing city that we call home. Following this, we took a look at Amalfi, the beautiful city nestled into the mountains of the stunning Amalfi Coast. We are working on creating fact files for both places, pictures of those will be coming soon! For now, look at us working hard to identify and compare features.

School Council Election

6EA took part in the School Council election this afternoon. After having nominated our class members, we then went to vote at the school ‘polling station’. It really is important to be part of a democracy so that everyone feels valued and everyone’s voice is heard.

Pizza Fun!

The winning Dojo table made pizzas this lunch time and what a blast we had! We created the dough, rolled it out, spread with tomato, sprinkled cheese and chopped tomatoes. Voila! Delicious.

Press Conference

Today we used role play to think about the characters in our class reader ‘Pig Heart Boy’.

Do you know that the press always have an ‘angle’. They present interviews and their ideas in a way to promote their purpose.

Some of our press decided to be animal rights supporters. Some of our press decided to be more neutral. The main characters from the story had to stay ‘in role’ regardless. What a fantastic use of role play from 6EA!

Making Music

6EA used their voices and clapping to replicate the sound of a volcano erupting. What do you think?