Stone Age Day

Year 6 had a great start to the day! Our interactive workshop taught us about the different stages in the evolution of man plus information about how people in the Stone Age hunted food.

Science Investigation

In 6EA we explored the question ‘How does the temperature of water affect yeast?’. Here are some photos of us testing different temperatures of water to observe the release of carbon dioxide. Comment on this post to discuss whether your predictions were accurate and what you have learnt from our investigation.


Today we were lucky enough to watch a drama performance performed by students from Birmingham City University. The performance investigated a range of feelings and emotions that we may feel. Following this, we became ‘Interns’ in a Science lab and we worked out a solution for supporting someone who had ‘mixed’ emotions. Here are some photos of our morning!

DT 6EA Can Sew!

This week we practised sewing for the first time (for some of us)! We used paper plates instead of material this time so that we can perfect our technique.

Comment to say which stitch you found easiest/ most difficult and why.