Science Research

6EA, this is an interesting website for researching various topics in Science. On Google Classroom I have created an assignment for you to complete using this website. If you are having issues accessing Google Classroom, let me know via a comment or email.

Use the website to create a poster about an area of Science that has taken your interest or create some slides. Watch the videos, read the stories and play the games!

Have fun!


Look For the Rainbow in Every Situation

Thank you to Jannat for spreading positive vibes through this isolation time! I hope that you are all finding things to smile about and spreading happiness in different ways.

Side note- Check out Google Classrooms (I know you have used this before with Mr Cooper). I have set a writing challenge on there (it is the same challenge that is on this blog but if you can, complete it on Google Classrooms).

Send me an email of any pictures/ work that you have completed it and I can share it on this blog too!

Keep Smiling! 🙂


Story Time…

Hi Year 6

I know that many of you are incredible writers so here is my weekly writing challenge…

Write a short story based upon the image below.

Here are some ideas:

  • a pocket sized dragon that belongs to your character. Perhaps they could go on an adventure together?
  • This tiny creature could be discovered somewhere during this period of isolation. Perhaps it could take you to a far away, magical world?
  • You could write a character and setting description based in an enchanted forest?




Arty Challenge

I saw these on the internet and I challenge you to make one! They just look really cute and funny and you just need some old milk cartons, sweet wrappers or bits of coloured paper/ magazines cut up. Perhaps you could create your own animal out of junk modelling and share your creations!

Stem Learning

Hi 6EA! I hope that you are all well and having a lovely Sunday. This week, why don’t you use this website to have a go at some STEM activities? Stem is about engineering, Maths and Science and this website has a lot of different and interesting activities that you can try at home. Make sure to click on ‘Primary’ and then the section that you wish to attempt. Feel free to send me any photos of the fun learning that you have been up to!

Click on the link below/ paste it in to your browser!

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